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We have created a safe-alternative to chemically-charged soaps and bath products. We strive to deliver an inexpensive yet superior product. We only use the best quality ingredients, with a focus on ethically sourced greener life products.

I am a soap maker with over 25 years of experience. I began making soap because I was allergic to everything out there!  Zest was the soap in our home when I was growing up.  I had severe acne from age 9 through most of my young adulthood.  I started researching what I could do!  The more I learned about the body, the more aware I became of what is actually in the products I was using. Just like I do with my food, if I couldn’t pronounce it easily, I would look it up and then probably not eat it!!  The more I researched the more I was dumbfounded at how naive I’ve been by buying what I “thought” was safe chemicals to put on my body and face.

What I can offer you,  is a line of soap and bath products, that is safe, smells great and is exciting to use.


This soap journey has educated me and given a more comprehensive understanding of how soap actually works.


My promise to you is; all soaps made by Divine Goddess Soaps are dedicated to a greener life, decreased carbon footprint, vegan friendly.  Our soaps are 100% pure soap! 

Some people have commented that my soaps are too pretty to use!  Sorry, but life is too short!  (I am a survivor of a "widowmaker" heart attack in 2018.  100% blockage in the LAD.  Only 20% of people live - most women die from this - so YES, I use the pretty soap!) Use the good china!  Wear that dress you have been saving for some "special" occasion, which never comes.   Dance in the rain!  Play loud music!   Use the pretty soap!  You deserve it!  We all do!


Making soap brings me joy, and I hope it brings you and your family happiness and joy~





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