Benefits of Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils

Just some of the benefits of frankincense essential oil:

• Reduces inflammation • Cancer-fighting properties • Spiritual awareness • Boosts immunity • Fights infections • Improves anxiety • Heals skin and reduces acne and scarring • Promotes urination to purify the body and reduce bloating • Regulates production of estrogen • Relieves body pain

Some of the proven benefits of Myrrh essential oil:

• Aids in digestion • Fades scars • Disinfects wounds • Heals eczema • Potent antioxidant • Anti cancer benefits • Relaxation

The combination of frankincense oil and myrrh oil can have even more benefits. Both are gum resins extracted from shrub like trees of the same plant family which grow in parts of Asia and Africa and have been used since ancient times for their healing properties as both have similar healing characteristics.

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