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Pumpkin Spice Latte Soap

and not commercial soaps!

Artisan Soap is real soap

In the simplest of terms, artisan soap is real soap. Commercial stuff? Not so much. They don’t even label it as soap. Because it’s not soap. It’s a detergent! Akin to the stuff you put in your dishwasher or washing machine. Who wants that on their skin, every day, multiple times a day? Commercial soaps are filled with synthetic lathering chemicals and detergents and pressed into bars after being pumped full of preservatives to ensure they have a shelf life that will survive nuclear fallout. They’re drying, irritate the skin, and leave behind a film that continues to wreak havoc on your skin’s natural ph level.

Artisan soap doesn’t contain fillers, preservatives, or synthetic lathering agents. All of the bubbly goodness in handcrafted soap comes directly from the responsible soapmaker’s recipe of carefully balanced oils and fats and how they interact with the liquid and lye necessary for all soapmaking. Artisan soaps naturally moisturize, cleanse, and lather; no synthetics needed!


Commercial bars are missing the absolute best ingredient found in real soaps: the glycerin. Manufacturers actually remove this natural moisturizer from their bars and use it in high-end skin care product lines. So you’re left with nothing but a watered down, chemical laden block of synthetics. 

A proper artisan soaper does not use synthetic bubblers or preservatives; the former isn’t needed as handcrafted soaps are full of natural lathering agents and the latter is usually omitted to keep the soaps chemical and irritant free. Further, artisan soaps are absolutely loaded with glycerin as it is a naturally occurring byproduct of the saponification process. This yields a super cleansing, gentle, moisturizing , irritant free soap. Now, doesn’t that sound better than washing your face with laundry detergent?

High Quality ingredients

Artisan soapmakers tend to take their ingredients very seriously. At Divine Goddess Soaps, we splurge on ingredients, ensuring that each and every bar we create is made from high quality, stable, uncontaminated oils and fats. We also put extra (natural!) goodies into our soaps to up the skin loving, super cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating properties of our products. We care about your skin, and work hard to deliver a quality bar of soap that promotes your skin’s health.

Low Impact/No Harm

Unlike large commercial facilities, artisan soap makers work in small batch form with little to no equipment. This means a minimal environmental impact and no overseas sweat shops. And you have the added benefit of buying from a peer and thus promoting small business.


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